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Hope and help for moms who love Jesus, but sometimes struggle to thrive through the thick of it.


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Too Busy for Breakthrough?!?

When manufacturers sneak toxic ingredients into their household or personal care products and prioritize profits over people, they sabotage your patients’ health. It can leave you and your patients feeling frustrated and it’s just not right!

Your patients want to be well between visits and we’re here to help you help them.

Lisa Banman Essential Oils for Chiropractors Co-Founder

I believe God designed you to live and leave a healthy and joyful legacy – free from fear and full of life.

We believe life is more fun when your body is fully functional.
We believe health is the birthright and responsibility of every human being.
We believe health can happen when obstructions are removed.
We believe that nature knows and plants help to heal the body.
We believe healthy habits aren't hard with a healthy identity.
We believe in equipping people to empower themselves.
We believe in prioritizing people over profits.
We believe in abundant income as evidence of abundant impact.
We believe in dreaming big and starting scared.
We believe in partnering with people who challenge you to grow and give more.
We believe in doing the work to develop yourself.
We believe you weren't created to conform to the norm.
We believe you were born to lead and succeed.

If you believe in righting wrongs and equipping people to empower themselves then let’s help your patients enjoy wellness between visits. Click below to become an affiliate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see an answer to your question? Click the button below to schedule a 30-minute discovery call.

Don’t see an answer to your question below? Click the button to schedule a 30-minute discovery call.

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Why essential oils and essential oil-based products?

Most health-conscious people recognize that they should avoid exposure to toxic chemicals. What most of those same people DON’T recognize is how many toxins they’re exposed to daily and how to effectively reduce their toxic load.

When toxic chemicals found in every-day household and personal care products are ingested, inhaled, or absorbed, they build up over time and cause physical distress in the body.

Not only do essential oils and doTERRA’s products that use essential oils as their primary active ingredients not contribute to toxic load, but in place of unwanted side effects, they have side benefits and a broad range of uses.

Take pure lavender oil, for instance. Lavender produces a calming effect that can enhance sleep, but it also calms skin irritations such as burns, bug bites, or general irritation.


Do you recommend a specific brand of essential oils?

After cautious research, we came to the conclusion that doTERRA essential oils are the optimal choice.

Unlike many other brands, doTERRA’s essential oils are 100% pure and therapeutic grade. In other words, they contain no fillers. A bottle of lavender oil, for instance, contains only the purest lavender oil – nothing else. This is why they provide consistent, predictable benefits.

To demonstrate their purity, doTERRA releases the test results of every batch of essential oil produced and provides a link for customers to review those results.

Rather than utilizing potent, and often harmful chemicals in their personal care and household products, doTERRA puts the potent power of essential oils to work as the foundation of their products.

What is the return/refund policy for products purchased?

doTERRA offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all resaleable products and a 90% money-back guarantee on opened and partially used products. No questions asked.

The one exception is the Lifelong Vitality Pack (daily supplements), which has a full 30-day money-back guarantee, even if all of the contents are consumed.

For details of doTERRA’s return/refund policy  CLICK HERE

Is there a minimum/monthly purchase requirement?

No. Your wholesale membership is similar to a Costco membership. You enjoy wholesale pricing whenever you choose to shop online.

There are significant additional savings, including a 100% rebate of the already low shipping cost available when you commit to purchasing a monthly wellness box that comes conveniently right to your home or office.

The monthly wellness box is completely customizable each month. It truly is simply replacement shopping – diverting funds currently used to purchase your current household and personal care products and choosing to enjoy effective, non-toxic products instead.

How do I share essential oils with my patients?

We offer solutions that range from turn-key to completely custom.

After you’ve purchased your preferred Starter Kit, we’ll be notified to schedule an online strategy meeting. We’ll help you choose an aligned process for you and your patients and provide you with the right tools, strategies, and ongoing support.

As an Essential Oils for Chiropractors affiliate, there is no cost to you for our initial training or ongoing support.

I'm already busy. How much time is required?

If you already offer workshops to your practice members then adding a Toxic Load Solutions workshop to your circuit won’t add to your workload (beyond some learning time).

Because we recognize that your primary mission is to provide chiropractic care to your patients, we also offer more automated essential oil sharing solutions for you and even ongoing customer support for your patients. We do this through our Toxic Load Solutions platform.

Can I generate significant income by introducing patients to essential oils?

Yes. We have helped affiliates earn significant monthly commissions to meaningfully supplement their primary income source.

As with any business, we cannot guarantee success or specific income amounts. 

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Start today by converting your home and office to safe, non-toxic products. Simply click on the starter set below that best suits your needs. You’ll be linked to a page that describes each set in detail.

When you place your starter set order we’ll do a happy dance and send a welcome email within 24 hours (M-F) to arrange a conversation to discuss the next steps.

Have questions before ordering your Starter Set? Click below to schedule a 30-minute, free, no-obligation exploration call.

Healthy Start Kit

A conservative, but effective way to begin reducing your toxic load.

Healthy Home Kit

Convert your home and office with this cost-efficient kit.

Natural Solutions Kit

The ‘all-in’ kit that’s perfect for ‘all-in’ people.

How Your Patients and Your Practice Can Thrive, Even In Difficult Times

We help you detox your home and office
We equip you to equip your patients
We provide ongoing business support

Don't Let Unforeseen Circumstances Prevent Your Patients or Your Practice from Thriving

When an unprecedented event prolongs the length of time between visits to your office from days to months, it can create stress for your patients and your practice.

Increased emotional stress, coupled with constant exposure to chemical toxins in their homes can cause your patients to experience significant health challenges.

Meanwhile, an inability to treat patients due to unforeseen circumstances can create a financial strain on your practice.

Neither are necessary.

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